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Salinas Jr., Ph.D.

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Cristóbal Salinas Jr., Ph.D., is an associate professor in the Educational Leadership and Research Methodology Department at Florida Atlantic University’s College of Education. Dr. Salinas has published more than 75 manuscripts in print, including 6 books, and has delivered over 200 lectures. His prolific writing and research has illuminated the importance of understanding and addressing Latino/a/x student identity and development, and made Salinas sought after by media outlets such as CNN, NBC News, NPR, Telemundo, National Review, Chemistry World, Good Morning America, and the Chronicle in Higher Education. The New York Times said his research is “futuristic,” and Diverse Issues in Higher Education said, “Salinas’ a rising star in academe, [and] An expert on Latinx students in college,” in their special issue where he was named one of the top 15 scholars of the year. A distinguished scholar and advocate, Salinas has been awarded over 30 international and national awards for his commitment to social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Please visit Research to view Dr. Salinas’ CV. 

Prior to becoming a faculty, Dr. Salinas served as the multicultural liaison officer of Iowa State University’s College of Design, where he provided assistance and guidance in understanding issues of diversity at the college, university, and beyond. He holds a B.A. in Spanish Education and ESL from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, and a Ph.D. in Higher Education from Iowa State University.

Dr. Salinas migrated from Mexico to the U.S. during middle school, forcing him to adapt to a new culture, all while learning a new language. These experiences provided him with an awareness and understanding of the challenges that many multicultural students face within education. It is from these experiences that he frames his teaching and research interests. His research promotes access and equity in higher education and explores the social and political context of education opportunities for historically marginalized communities. His research reflects the lived experiences of, and in partnership with, historically marginalized communities that are oppressed at the institutional, cultural, and individual levels.  At the institutional level, he studies community colleges and their communities of people; at the cultural level, he explores hazing and the power of language; and at the individual level, he focuses on the experiences of men of color in educational settings.


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